Fill  (The Interregional Federation for Book and Reading)    

Presentation of our organization


The Interregional Federation for Book and Reading  was created in 1985 under the name of the French Foundation for Library Cooperation (FFBC). At its members’ initiative, the Regional Organizations for Books (SRL) among others, the FFCB changed its name in March 2006 and became the Fill. This new naming reflects its evolution towards becoming an
interprofessional organization, in the same way as the opening of the SRL missions which would, henceforth, encompass the whole field of book culture, from the writer to the reader, from patrimony to creation, from public libraries to the book economy; it also underlines the presence of its members in the regions.
As close as possible to the local terrain, the SRLs spark exchanges with all of the public or private actors, in the book field, in reading, and in documentation; they collect a plethora of information and initiate many actions and partnerships. As a federation, the FILL constitutes a reliable national instrument for collecting data pertaining to book culture in the regions and allows the mutualization of resources and experiences dedicated to all the book sectors.
In fact, like its members, the Fill is at the crossroads of the Regions’ book policies and the policy led by the State which is carried out by the Regional Cultural Affairs Agencies.
The Fill is, at the same time, a place for observation, debate, analysis, propositions, and action. It can offer relevant tools for the elaboration of innovative cultural policies.


The Fill brings together the SRL (agencies and regional book centers), national public institutions, associations, qualified people, and local governments into a network which works daily to accompany the sector’s professionals.
A place for professions to come together, a unique platform of observation and action founded on dialogue and mutualization, particularly in connection with national elected officials’ federations and State cultural services, the Fill’s objective is to work on harmoniously developing access to books and reading, and on analyzing and optimizing cultural policies.
In close connection with both the public actors and book professionals and their unions, multiplying partnerships with associations and institutions to promote cooperation in the book, reading and documentation professions, the Fill works to defend the common interests of the sector, in the unwavering interest of book diversity.
Through its extensive knowledge of the districts, it can propose evaluations and national orientations, accelerate the circulation of ideas and discussions, and assist in the necessary experiments and negotiations of this sector which is currently undergoing a major transformation.
With a non-profit status, the Fill is financed by its members’ dues and receives the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (Books and Reading Division).


Book Economy

This commission is a privileged place for the mutualization of experiences, the opportunity to have a real collective reflection resulting in a joint policy to support the book economy. From the experiences led in other regions, each can evaluate their own action, enhance their practices, and assist in innovations.The commission is also a place for the elaboration of inter-regional actions, particularly in terms of book sector observation and statistical studies. It also regularly
invites national operators or trade associations (The French Publishers Association (SNE), French Booksellers Association (SLF)…) to facilitate exchanges, encourage partnerships, and accompany negotiations.

Public libraries

A place for reflection and debate, this commission is consecrated to strategic subjects for the development of public libraries: training, evaluation, innovative services, and increasing audiences.The commission initiates surveys and proposes national syntheses from the data collected in the regions. In close partnership with the public institutions and professional associations, it organizes seminars and colloquiums. It also works to circulate information and share resources dedicated to the evolution of the public libraries.

Written cultural heritage

With the cooperation of the public institutions, of the French National Library, in particular, with which the Fill is « associated pole », this commission works on the joint promotion of written and illustrated patrimony conserved in the regions. Involved in large regional projects for the computerization and digitalization of collections, the shared conservation of collections, and the mediation of patrimony, the commission’s members elaborate common tools – for the training of professionals and for the technical expertise and awareness raising of elected officials.

Literary life and public

This commission participates in current reflections initiated by the French Book Council (CNL) and the Writers Foundation (SGDL) on copyrights, on the payment of writers, and on public policies supporting creation. Its members also assist in literary events and book fairs. Studies and surveys allow them to elaborate reference tools in order to contribute to the policies for welcoming authors and developing the festivals and book fairs’ public.


The Fill proposes a large online resource center: the records of various workshops, seminars, and colloquiums, pertaining to all book sectors, are available for consultation, as well as reference guides. Among these is the Guide des aides (Funding and Resource Guide) for book professionals (creation, publishing, bookselling), which already lists more than 360 forms of national and regional support:  writing grants, residencies, support for business creation or development, subventions for promotion, distribution, publishing, translation, activities, as well as consulting and expertise resources and training programs …
The site brings together the Fill members’ online resources : guides, charters, reports, interviews, announcements, directories and databases. There is an abundance of documentation about book culture actors, conditions and policies for book culture throughout France.

The Fill regularly publishes news about its members (seminars, training programs, various publications…), authors’ residences, work opportunities… on its website, in a dedicated column Regional actualities.

Finally, the Fill publishes the Info-Fill, an electronic bi-monthly newsletter keeping readers abreast of national and European current developments in the domain of books and reading.

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